Sister Cities Association of Salisbury / Wicomico County
J. Bryan Burrows-McElwain (L) and Mr. Raimond Tamm (R). Tartu Town Hall Devin Feist (L) and Mr. Raimond Tamm (R).
Mr. Bryan Burrows-McElwain and UMES Aviation Student (Devin Feist) traveled to Tartu Estonia during the week of Sept. 26th, to meet with the Estonian Aviation Academy to support the linkage agreement with the Department of Engineering & Aviation Sciences. During the week-long visit, Mr. Burrows-McElwain gave a guest lecture on Aviation Safety Culture and Leadership to the undergraduate and graduate students at the Academy. During their visit, Mr. Burrows-McElwain and Mr. Devin Feist took time to meet with the Deputy Mayor of Tartu, Mr. Raimond Tamm, to discuss the exchange activities and exchange a gift from its Sister City in Salisbury, MD.