Sister Cities Association of Salisbury / Wicomico County
Sister Cities has a goal to develop, provide, create, stimulate and collaborate with various organizations and cities throughout the world. Please read some of the following quotes from committee and community members that believe Sister Cities provides a great opportunity for our local community, business and students.
Derek Wu:
      "Sister Cities not only fosters bonds between Salisbury and towns half a world away, it promotes a deep appreciation of other cultures and a greater recognition of our own. From a student's perspective, Sister Cities has allowed me (and all those who have been involved with it) to look beyond the comfortable limits of our own community and discover similarities and differences with international cities in an ever-changing world. There are so many opportunities to engage in cultural, business, and educational collaborations through the Sister Cities Association, from hosting movie nights that feature international films to visiting other cities on exchange trips. There is no doubt that Sister Cities puts Salisbury on the world map while simultaneously bringing the world to our doorsteps."

Paula Morris:
      "Sister Cities provides formal and informal connections between people in our community and people in Salisbury, England; Tartu, Estonia; Dalian, China and beyond. We formally exchange education, arts, culture, business ideas and informally build lasting relationship and friendships."