Sister Cities Association of Salisbury / Wicomico County
2024 Meetings: Jan 3 [A/M]; Feb 6 [A
2023 Meetings: Mar 7; Apr 4[A]; May 2[A/M]; Jun 6[A/M]; Sep 12 [A/M]; Oct 3; Nov 28 [A]
2022 Meetings: Jan 4[A]; Feb 8[A/M]; Mar 1[A/M]; Apr 5[A/M]; May 10[A]; Jun 14[A]; Sep 6[A]; Oct 4[A]; Nov 1[A]; Dec 6[A]
Events: Library Meeting; Salisbury Cathedral Anniversary Celebration
2021 Meetings: Feb 2; Mar 2[M]; Apr 6[M]; May 4[M]; Jun 1[M]; Jul; Sep 7[M]; Oct 5[M]; Nov 2[M]; Dec 7
Events: Tartu Friendship Bridge Dedication
2020 Meetings: Jan 7[A]; Feb 4[A]; Mar 3[A]; Sep 15[A/M]; Oct 6[A/M]; Nov 10[M]; Dec 1[A]
Events: April: The Estonian Collegium Musicale Chamber Choir April 2nd performance was canceled; May: 800th anniversary of the Salisbury Cathedral celebration
2019 Meetings: Feb 5[A]; Mar 5; Apr 2[A]; May 7[A]; Jun 4[A]; Sep 3[A]; Oct 1[A]; Nov 5[A]; Dec 3[A]
Events: Jun 8: Wana Wġromaa Wunkorkestri
2018 Meetings: Jan 2; Feb 6; Mar 6[A][M]; Apr 3; May 1[A][M]; Jun 5; Jul 3; Aug 7[A]; Sep 4[A]; Oct 2[A]; Nov 6[A]; Dec 4
2017 Meetings: Jan 3[M]; Mar 7[M]; Apr 4[A][M]; May 2[A][M]; Jun 6[A]; Aug 6; Sep 5[A]; Oct 3[A]; Nov 7; Dec 5
Events: Feb 1: Sister States Legislative Reception
2016 Meetings: Jan 5 [A][M]; Mar 3 [M]; Apr 5 [M]; May 3 [A][M]; Jun 7 [A][M]; Aug 2 [M]; Sep 6 [A]; Oct 10 [A][M]; Nov 28 [A][M]
Events: Mar 23: Sister States Legislative Reception; Sep 7: A Delegation From Estonia was at SU.
2015 Meetings: Jan 6 [M]; Feb 3; Mar 3 [M]; Apr 7 [M]; May 5; Jun 2 [A]; Sep 8 [A][M]; Oct 6 [M]; Dec 1 [A][M]
Events: Dec 4: Representatives of Sister Cities attended the E-Governance Conference.
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2014 Meetings: Jan 7 [M]; Feb 4 [A]&[M]; Apr 1 [A]&[M]; May 6 [A]&[M]; Aug 8 [A]; Sep 8 [M]; Nov 3 [M]; Dec 1 [M];
Events: On Jan 27, several board members attended The Maryland International Consortium Legislative Reception. We met our intern Stefany Ruiz. In March, a press release announced the Estonian Art Gallery Exhibition in the downtown SU Gallery, starting with a reception. The board hosted Pusa at the Irish Penny. The Mayor met with the SU International Students, Tue, October 7. Our Newsletter V4N1.
2013 Meetings: Jan 9 [M]; Feb 12 [M]; Mar 5 [M]; Apr 2 [M]; Jun 4 [M]; Sep 3 [M]; Nov 5 [M]; Dec 3 [M];
In October, Mayor Ireton met with the International Students. Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 1 was published in December.
2012 Meetings: Jan 4 [M]; Feb 1 [M]; Mar 14 [M]; Apr 3 [M]; Dec 4 [M];
2012-09-11: Mayor Jim Ireton met the SU International Students.
2012-05-05: Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity Conference
2012-03-13: A visit from the Estonian Ambassador to the United States.
2011 Meetings: Jan 12 [M]; May 4 [M]; Jun 1 [M]; Sep 22 [M]; Nov 2 [M];
2012-01-17: Newsletter Vol:1 Num:1, 2011-12
2011-09-23: A delegation visited Estonia.
2011-09-22: Mayor Ireton met the SU International Students.
2011-03-26: A delegation from Estonia visited.
2010 Meetings: Jan 4 [M]; Feb 25 [M]; Apr 1 [M]; May 4 [M]; Jun 9 [M]; Jul 22 [M]; Aug 12 [M]; Nov 10 [M]; Dec 8 [M];
2010-09-11: Singing to My Sister at Holloway Hall.
2010-08-09: Reverend & Mrs. Julian Thomas, Salisbury England United Reformed Church visited.
2009 Meetings: Jan 7 [M]; Feb 4 [M]; Mar 4 [M]; Apr 1 [M]; May 6 [M]; Jun 24 [M]; Jul 22 [M]; Aug 19 [M]; Sep 22 [M]; Oct 6 [M]; Nov 3 [M]